Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's so hard to be good

Been trying to be "good" lately and cut down on buying at my thrifts. My husband is not happy with my junk. Hopefully I'll sell a lot this Saturday at the funeral home. Now that's something I don't say everyday. I keep telling him, "you'll see, I'll sell it on ebay". The trouble is, I like shopping for stuff a lot more than I like writing up auctions and listing stuff on ebay.

My goal today was go to to Staples and unload the last of my generic inkjet cartridges for recycling and getting the $3 Staples coupons. They are changing their policy on 9/17/06 so that means they're only going to be accepting HP, Lexmark and Dell brand cartridges for recycling. I think I may have mentioned this but over the summer I bought 100 empty Epson cartridges on eBay (for a flat rate of $50 including shipping) and been slowing bringing them to Staples. So anyways I had 17 left to go, but I decided to stop in a "new" thrift I've found (I don't even know the name of it but it's at some church) and I found 4 generic inkjets for .25 each to add to my 17 that I planned to recycle. So today I ended up with $63 in Staples coupons. Then tonight - of course - I go to print something and two of my cartridges are empty. Why couldn't I have printed something yesterday instead??? So now I'm going to feel the need to drive over to Staples again before 9/17 to get my two $3 coupons for my generic cartridges.

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