Tuesday, October 17, 2006

back from upstate New York - 3 days of garagesales!

I spent a long weekend (is 5 days considered a long weekend??) back in my hometown of Clifton Park, NY. Since it's definitely fall up there, I wasn't expecting too many garage sales but I was wrong. There were several on Friday and Saturday and I even hit one on Sunday near my sister's house near Saratoga Springs.

Well I will write more later but I wanted to share this before I forgot - I packed very lightly going up and came back with a totally loaded down suitcase. So much so that the baggage clerk had to put a special tag on the bag with it's weight - 45 pounds! Five more pounds and I think I would have had to pay an extra charge or start layering on a bunch of clothes right at the ticket counter.

So anyways I was hoping that my suitcase wouldn't be chosen for inspection (maybe they all are)? But when I went to unpack it today, I saw the "Notice of Baggage Inspection" card. I would have loved to have seen the face of the baggage inspector going over the contents: Homer Simpson in a hula skirt? Not a security threat. I mean, if it wasn't my suitcase, I'd have to wonder about the person who packed a Glow in the Dark Nativity scene, vintage ice cream scooper, Deathland books, Dora the Explorer VHS tapes, coffee tin full of buttons and a wooden tool box. Good thing I didn't find any vintage Playboys or anything like that (for ebay) because if I had those would have been in there too.

And I had 5 packges of Chew-eez Carvers dog treats in the front section of the suitcase. I had 5 free coupons for dog treats (and 5 free coupons for cat treats) that were only valid at Petsmarts on 10/14 and 10/15. And as luck would have it, there is a Petsmart in my old hometown (I don't even have one near me in Maryland so I'm sure the coupons would have gone to waste had I not been in NY). I just had to pay the sales tax $1.22 for the 5 packages. I also got the 5 free cat treats (they were on a different receipt) - gave 2 to my sister for her two cats, and 3 to my brother for his 3 cats.

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