Wednesday, August 21, 2013

David Cassidy Saratoga Springs upstate NY moving sale re-visited

David Cassidy was in the news recently when he got pulled over in upstate New York for a traffic stop which resulted in a DWI - see newstory here. He has had trouble in the past with alcohol - so I want to publicly state that if he needs a designated driver, I can get that arranged. My sister, who lives in Saratoga Springs NY can be at his beck and call, if I give her the word. She is always hauling my mom to the Saratoga Raceway and Casino all the time anyway, so she won't mind having another passenger to drive around.

Well seeing David in the news again made me remember that our four year anniversary is coming up. It will be four years next month that I got to rummage around in his stuff and bounce on his bed - at his moving sale that was held in a vacation rental home in Saratoga Springs NY.

So in-case you didn't read my blog back then, here is a blast from the past:

Craigslist ad

One of my purchases plus pictures of moving sale

David Cassidy Moving Sale pictures

Me in my Sexy David Cassidy owned hat In this blog post, I alluded to a rumor I had heard but I didn't come out and say it since it was a rumor. Well now I will say it: the rumor was that David was getting divorced. In the article I read today, when he got pulled over, he was with his fiance.

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