Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why I love shopping at Staples, and my $3 Waterford Crystal candy dish - oh my!

Where else can you walk out of a store with a bunch of stuff and pay nothing and it's legal? And you want to know what's funny?? Looking at the receipt now, I see I was even overcharged! I only bought two packages of bungee cords at .70 each and I see the cashier accidentally scanned one of them twice so there are 3 on the receipt. Note to self: start scrutinizing every cashier's every move at every transaction for the rest of my life.

The stuff I bought was on clearance. .50 for a package of Mrs. Field's cookies? Insane. Only flavor on clearance was macademia nut. I found one package on the endcap with the other clearance items. But then I had the brilliant idea to check the shelf where the other regularly priced Mrs. Fields cookies were located and found another Macademia Nut cookie package mixed in with the others. Man am I good. Welch's fruit snacks were clearanced to .50 a box and all had good expiration dates.

I paid using one of my Staples rewards checks. I get them monthly for recycling ink cartridges there. And I also buy my printer ink at staples so I get ink reward checks for those too. I just picked up a bunch of printer cartridges at a yardsale yesterday. I paid $2 for this whole lot:

Spray paints, weed killer, full bottle of outdoor bleach etc. Also included about 8 ink cartridges which either I will sell on ebay (since they are new/unused) or recycle at Staples and get a $16 reward ($2 per cartridge, up to 10 cartridges per month).

And I had some other great buys yesterday. Like this stuff

$2 hourglass - oh my!, $5 crock, $3 Waterford Crystal candy dish, .50 heavy duty scissors and a .50 male hula dancer (surprisingly, I do not already own one). Here's another pic of my candy dish that weighs 4 lbs.

And for $5 I got this awesome corner cabinet, with storage. You know I love storage.

It will replace the junky wooden corner shelf currently in my kitchen. Ooops I mean, it will replace the lovely vintage sturdy rustic solid wood corner shelving unit which was probably handmade with love by a talented Amish craftman at my next yardsale for big bucks.

No, we don't use that camping coffee pot or whatever it is, we use it for storing keys that we don't know what they go to. And I will have to find a new home for my Griswold cast iron witches cauldron since I won't get rid of that - you just never know when someone needs to have a spell cast on them.


Garage Equipment said...

Ooh I want that crystal candy dish! It's so elegant.

YardSaleChat said...

I would second that! What a beautiful Candy Dish! I love it, perfect for Peppermint!

Anonymous said...

I have an hour glass that looks JUST like that. I got mine at World Market for $15.00

Trisha said...

Saw the waterford crystal candy dish in a scene in the movie "Moneyball" with Brad Pitt....he was eating candy or nuts out of it...same dish.