Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The scary clowns are back

If you weren't scared by the scary clowns I bought at a yard sale the other week, here they are again. But one somehow got decapitated; I think the one on the left is guilty.

Yardsales this past weekend were so-so. I now have horns. It's not something you typically find at a Maryland yard sale. It was $5. Will resell on Craigslist or something.

Another buy was this handmade unused bird-feeder for $1. I am kicking myself because the seller had two (but I liked this one better). For a buck I should have also bought the second one.

I hate typos. Now I don't want to hear about any of MY typos, my forte is finding typos in other people's writings. You can't imagine how much gas I wasted trying to find Cestnut Drive! ;)

Speaking of typos, I saw this on Good Morning America and cringed. The girl who wrote "Good Morning Amarica" on her sign should have been banished to the back of the crowd.

Better late than never, here's a pic of some of my buys when I visited New York in June. Some old meter thing $5, new Dansk silverware $2 and a $10 Canon Canonet camera. I had an identical camera in high school and loved it and this camera still has a good value on the resale market (+$100)


Anonymous said...

Your Highness,

Does the box of Dansk silverware contain 1 place setting or 4? It says 20 pieces on the box but I can't believe you got 4 place settings for $2! Lucky find!

Your loyal subject,

Chris at said...

yepper - brand new 20 piece Dansk silverware set.

Anonymous said...

Did you find out what that meter thing is ~ looks old? Susan C.

Chris at said...

Susan, yes the thing is old! It has a metal plate with info on it - Weston Electric Instrument Corp. Patented Oct 4. '98. And they don't mean 1998 - they mean 1898!

Its some sort of amperes meter. I found a similar (but newer looking one online)

makati condo said...

For me it was one of unique blog I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I like the scary clown, it was cute and the meter and camera was amazing. I love it. Big thanks.

Charles A

EM said...

Definitely think the other clown is guilty of the decapitation. It's written all over his face! I'd advise getting both of them out of the house as quickly as possible for your own safety!