Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Note to self: earthquake proof the royal throne area

I've had a busy past few days - took a mini vacation with the family (more on that at a later date) so I missed yardsaling on Saturday. We got home on Monday night.

Yesterday I was home alone (the guys had gone golfing) and I was making up for lost computer time when I heard the house creaking and cracking. My first earthquake! It seemed like it was just out of the movies - you know when they show an earthquake scene with glassware rattling. Then it stopped and I did what seemed logical - posted it to my personal Facebook page at 1:52pm "I think I just felt an earthquake!". The earthquake hit at 1:51pm. Then resumed surfing.

I didn't check my upstairs royal throne area until later in the day and found this. My Longaberger basket full of stuff that was on the back of the throne fell spilling the contents. So now I better earthquake proof my house since I need to keep all of my half full bottles of lotions and medicines I don't use. If you come to my house and need a bandaid or are bleeding profusely and need a box of bandaids, I'm your person.


Charlotte said...

I also felt the earthquake. I was at work and thought a large truck was passing the building. A very LARGE truck :-) Glad you weren't hurt.

Texas Junkin' Ladies said...

Thank goodness you had the toilet lid down!