Sunday, July 03, 2011

Patriotic Toilet Paper

I spotted this "patriotic toilet paper" at one of my thrifts a while back. No, did not buy. Is it just me, or should it be called unpatriotic toilet paper???

You would be proud of me. I decluttered a bowl the other day. I was trying to shove my new Dunkin Donuts water bottle in a kitchen cabinet and while doing so, another bottle fell out onto the kitchen counter knocking a bowl to the floor into a million pieces. So congrats to me for uncluttering. AND bonus - the bowl was dirty anyway so no need to wash it.

p.s. Ooopsy, I forgot to mention, while I was in NY, I went to a Dunkin Donuts grand opening and I filled out an entry to win a gift set and I won. Ewww - coffee??? Gave it to my sister.


Bargain Bri said...

Thats GOOD Coffee Chris!!
Would have liked to go with you when you where in Upstate new York "Thrifting",
Bargain Bri

Cheap&Sweet said...

You did not sell it on eBay?

Chris at said...

nah, not worth anything. And it was cheapy TP from Oriental Trading, it wasn't like it was Charmin or anything. haha.