Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yard Sale Queen Weekend Update

Last few days have been busy. Had Jacob's graduation ceremony from 5th grade to attend. Now I won't come right out and say it was boring, but I'm so glad I don't have to sit thru any more 5th grade graduation ceremonies. On Saturday (of course) I went to some yardsales. Most interesting thing I bought was a shoebox sized box full of interesting mementos from some soldier's WWII experience (metals, dog tags, things with swastikas on them, vintage souvenir booklets with photos from Italy etc etc.) I got all of that PLUS a railroad lantern and a 70's motorcycle magazine for $5. I asked the seller if the items had any sentimental value to her and she said no since it was stuff left in the house from the previous owner.

At another sale I took this photo of the truck in the driveway of the seller. There was a man and woman giving the sale, so I told the woman I liked the bumpersticker and the man said "that's not her sticker, it's mine". I did not buy their tub. Only thing I bought at that sale was a $2 Beatles Love cd which I will give to my sister. She saw the show last month in Vegas and loved it.

Here's some of my thrift store buys from last week. A Longaberger basket for .25 (it looks like it was washed or something - the Longaberger stamp on the bottom is barely visible. And 2 hairnets for .25 - to add to my hair net collection.

Over the weekend, we stayed one night at our favorite local hotel. I got a special offer to stay one night for only $32. So I couldn't pass up that deal.

Our view from the room. There was a band playing from 4pm-8pm. In the evening, while the guys were relaxing in the room, I went down to the pier and watched some fishermen come in with their haul. Then saw what they do with the fish afterward. Ewwwwww. I have pics but they are not pretty.


Sandy in MI said...

Oh come on, you can't say you have not-pretty pics and then not show us one!

Anonymous said...

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