Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yardsalequeen: The Early Years

Boy, I haven't written in a long time. Nothing much is happing. I did come across one of my secret diaries today and thought I would share a part of it - you should feel honored because it's my super secret diary from 1978 and no eyes besides my own were to ever see it. It details all the exciting things that were happing in my life in the early years.

Note: the "diary" was actually a 1976 calendar/address book that I bought on clearance in 1977 at K-mart. So this particular page of the diary is at the end of the book where the address section was located.

On that particular day I bought two shirts because they had holes in them for .50 . The store was called Korell's and was located in Mechanicville, NY. It wasn't a thrift store but looking back on it, I think it was some sort of factory-seconds store. I remember as a teen buying a red satin bridesmaid dress there for $5. Just because I wanted to. I did wear it to a Halloween party years later. I've since cut it up and now sometimes use the material as a backdrop for ebay items. For instance, you can see the dress in my Waterford Crystal auction Which by the way, I reduced the price to only $100, so now is the time to buy this bargain. Red dress not included.

Speaking of bargains, I got some free medication the other day. I haven't figured out what ailment it cures. As I was picking up a juice box that someone had carelessly thrown in our yard, I came across this little baggy of someone's medication. Now why would someone throw their medication out the window of a moving vehicle???? And what a unique little package, looks like someone recycled the cellophane off a cigarette pack to put their medicine in. Nice way to reduce/reuse/recycle and save the planet. Except for the whole littering aspect of it all.


Mitzi said...

hehe, yeah, "medication" I'm sure... ;)

Laura said...

wow, thats 50 bucks! lol

Cheap&Sweet said...

I want them ebay it as yard trash and ill buy it! lol oh man I love those things.

ZDub said...

Take them and report back. :)

Ashley said...

It looks like Vicidon!! mmm, keep them and use them!! :D

Jennifer said...

I can't tell you how many times I have ...uh....heard of people accidentally throwing their drugs away - and out a car window is common..

I can assure you that miscellaneous pills in a cigarette cellophane are most likely not legal. In fact, this is a common way to package illegally bought pills. Those look like generic vicodin to me...or at least, um, pictures I have seen of generic vicodin. Bet someone who's going thru opiate withdrawals is ripping their car apart right now, looking for them.