Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walgreens Grocery Shopping

I stopped into Walgreens today (I was thinking I had a $2 Register Rewards expiring soon but I must have used it). But I saw that they are reorganizing their frozen food section and had clearanced a bunch of stuff, including some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. (But alas, the Ben & Jerry's flavor that was on clearance for like .82 had been cleaned out).

I did buy several tubs of .55 Coolwhip, $2.19 Bertolli Lasagnas (normally $7.99 each) and .75 Gordon's Fried Rice Shrimp bowls for me. No one else in the house will eat food that can swim. I even had some .40 coupons for Gordon's so after coupons some were only .35 but others I did pay the *full* .75 each for.

I also stopped at Hallmark for a free kid's card The cashier told me to come in once per day (really she did) and get one free everyday until 4/4/10.

And in today's mail I got a coupon from Food Lion for a free can of dog food. As if I need it. That is one downfall of those shopper rewards cards, it knows what you have bought in the past and frantically wants you to keep buying the same stuff, even if your dog has died. But you know I will get the free dog food and probably give it away. I mean, I can't not use the coupon. I got to.

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Anonymous said...

Your Walgreens is just amazing! Susan C.