Saturday, January 02, 2010

Upstate New York Visit - Recap

Jacob and I went to upstate NY for about 5 days after Christmas. DH was "on call" for work so he couldn't go. Stayed at my mom's house - my childhood home. Got to visit family and shop. Within about a 3 mile radius of the house, there is a lot of shopping nearby, including a Salvation Army and a community based thrift store. There's a Kohl's, a Target, Aldi's, Super Walmart, Cracker Barrel (I like looking in their gift shop), Toys R Us etc etc. Majority of those stores were built after I moved away, over 20 years ago.

And since I went after Christmas, I was able to get some after Christmas sales. My mom likes to go to the racino so one day after dropping her off there, Jacob and I did more shopping - and I hit a Bed, Bath & Beyond with my 20% off coupons. (You know you can just keep your 20% off coupons, even if they are expired and use them. You can use one coupon per item so really once you get on the mailing list, you should never pay full price for anything there. The cashier let me use 3 coupons on 3 different items in one transaction).

One morning, I dropped my mom off early at the racino and next to it is a harness track and they were exercising the horses.

My brother and his wife live in downtown Albany. We were going to visit them late in the afternoon, so before that I took Jacob (again) to the observatory. Behind his head in the picture is a building called The Egg. I remember hearing about it as a kid when it was being built. And remember being sooo disappointed when I actually saw it. I was expecting to see a full egg shape, not like a third of an egg. And I kept wondering when they were going to finish it (and make it a full egg shape).

And the David Cassidy Garage Sale lives on! One of my gifts from my sister was something she purchased at the David Cassidy garage sale back in September which I blogged extensively about. Will do a separate post about that. I plan on ebaying the item she gave me, its a size Small and I don't wear a Small (I wear an XXS to be exact - haha).

The drive back to Maryland really wasn't that bad yesterday - hardly any traffic on the roads, no accidents.

p.s. I did have more food in the car. My niece (who will be a May 2010 graduate of UVM gave me a box of Vermont Chocolates. Also forgot to mention the box of chocolate covered cherries I received as a gift from my mom. Christmas isn't Christmas without a box of chocolate covered cherries. Also bought a package of vanilla creme cookies for Jacob from Aldi's - to have at my mom's house, but he never opened the package. And forgot to mention a Jelly Belly dispenser that Jacob received as a gift that came with a bag of Jelly Bellys and he also got an additional 2 lb package of them. Also, I freeze Flavor-ice popsicles to use in my cooler to keep stuff cold, (and then he can also eat them while we are in NY), so I also had bunch of frozen/unfrozen Flavorice in the car too.

p.s.s. I think I need to hold off on my Alli diet a little longer.

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