Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tree and newspaper decluttering

I was so happy to see the Penn Line guys doing tree trimming today - I told them to cut whatever they wanted (but to save the holly trees). Around the perimeter of our yard is like a total jungleland. Done on purpose of course, to keep the paparazzi guessing. Well I'm proud to say its a little less jungleland-ish now. I will just have to deal with the paps now until we get some other type of privacy bushes going. We will have to get our TroyBuilt Chipper Shredder out (purchased at a yardsale by me of course) and do some chipping and shredding. Now the neighbor on the side street has a clear view into our yard. That house was not there when we moved here - it was just an empty lot. They have like 0 backyard.

My house is going to be having a lot less newspapers delivered. Which I am kinda sad about - I love my dead tree versions of a daily newspaper. My daily Washington Times subscription (paid $15 for one year) won't be delivered anymore in our county starting Feb. 1 - due to cuts. It was set to run out in July. And my daily Washington Post subscription ended a few weeks ago, but instead of renewing at a daily rate, I went with Sunday only. Since I figured I still get the daily Washington Times. Oh well. I know I can change my Post subscription, but will wait until they run a special.

But I will still get our local rag - it only comes out twice a week (gotta know the local gossip and find where the yardsales are). My parents always got newspapers and I guess it rubbed off on me. I have noticed my little Pennysaver (just has ads and classifieds) is getting very very skimpy. I guess everyone is putting their ads on craiglist now.

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