Friday, February 13, 2009

Recent Thrift Store Buys

Here are some of my thrift store buys from both Smile & a different church thrift.

.50 black light coasters
$1 Warhammer 40,000 playset
1.50 - set of unopened Brita water filters
.50 Guess Where? game
.25 each - 4 Anime books
$1 - small grater in box
.50 each two Pioneer CD cases
$1 vintage Fisher Price truck
.50 brand new Wine Tasting sign (currently sells for $19.99 at Target). It still had a piece of birthday wrapping paper attached to it.
.50 - reusable cloth bag (the wine tasting sign is sitting in it). So all the stuff in the second picture I got at the other church thrift and just paid $2 all (Wine tasting picture, coasters, Guess Where game and the cloth bag).

that was earier in the week. Today at Smile I bought myself a sweater ($2). Pirates of the Caribbean Life game ($1) to keep. $2 Golf Windshirt (for ebay). Hmmm...what else? I know I spent $11 even...will have to try to remember what else I bought.

This is unrelated, but tonight after going to Giant, I stopped at Subway to get some $5 subs to take home for dinner. The woman behind me in line had on a Calvin Klein coat. You know how I know? The little cloth tag that some manufacturers tack on at the end of sleeve/cuff was still there. I wanted to tell her that you are supposed to remove that flimsy tag, but kept my mouth shut.


egg said...

you should have taken a pic of her tag! hehehe

Chris said...

I woulda if I coulda! I wish my cellphone camera didn't make that click click sound when I take a pic.