Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rare Friday Yardsale

Yardsale season really hasn't started up around here but I did see an ad today for a rare Friday/Saturday yardsale. On paper, the ad looked like it would be good. In reality, it wasn't. Well anyway, there wasn't anything there that I needed to buy. It appeared that a majority of the stuff came from clearance or sale items at retail stores and then marked up to normal retail prices. For instance, they had a bunch of back-to-school items that I know Office Depot sold for .05 each (I know because I bought the exact same stuff at Office Depot). Things like erasers, rulers, protractors were .05 each during the Office Depot sale, but at this yardsale they were marked .75 each.

The yardsale was in a pre-fab 2 car garage that was set up like a store. Here's a pic of some of the stuff that I did not buy

Pics were taken with my cellphone so tonight when I was downloading the pics, I thought I would share a pic of one of the VV stores that I go to. A stealth thrift store, if you will. I guess they haven't gotten the word that businesses sometimes benefit from having a sign out front.

Oh and speaking of stuff I didn't buy, here is more stuff that I didn't buy at VV. The two little golden shot glass thingies are from Royal Caribbean cruise line. While onboard, they sell for $5.95 each plus 15% gratuity and come with a shot of something and you get to keep the shot glass. And then you pack it in your suitcase, take it home and then donate it to a thrift. Ok, I won't lie, I do already have one at home that I am keeping as a "souvenir" otherwise I may have bought them. The one I have I got free, when someone onboard wasn't going to keep it (they just wanted the drink).

And I didn't buy the opened contact lens cleaner either.

I learned something today that I am a little miffed about the Post Office. I mailed something today using a small manila envelope with a metal clasp closure and the PO clerk said it would be an additional .20 because the metal clasp made the envelope "non-machinable". So I took the metal clasp off and didn't have to pay the extra .20 I told the clerk I've been using the same envelopes forever and she said the PO is starting to crack down on the metal clasps. Sheesh - who would know that?

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