Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nickel (or less) Donuts

The thrift store was a disapointment today - I bought a few small things, but nothing to write blog about. Instead I'll show you my nickel donuts. MMMMMM donuts. I don't need any donuts, but for a nickel each, they won't go to waste. Regular price was $1.65 for a package of 3 donuts (.55 per donut) but each package had an "Oops we over-produced" sticker on them with a $1.50 coupon off each package. (The one package in the pic doesn't look like it had an "oops" sticker on it, but it did - when the cashier ripped the $1.50 coupon off, the whole sticker came off with it. So $1.65 - $1.50 = .15 per package or .05 per donut.

But what there's more. I got an additional 10% off my shopping order. The grocery store occasionally mails out coupons good for a free item and an additional discount off your total order. So....since I spent $.45 on the 3 packages of donuts, with that extra 10% off, it works out to be less than a nickel per donut.

The free item I got in this mailing was a for a free re-usable shopping bag (a .99 value). Plus, when I bring it back to the store to use it, the store credits my order .03 per each bag that I use. I must have about 8 of the re-usable bags that I have gotten free. But now I have so many, I use them for other things since I never fill up 8 bags in one shopping trip (they hold more than the usual plastic grocery bag).

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