Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Bargain Booze

While in NY, I did some regular store shopping (hit the Kohl's near my mom's) and the megasized liquor store. It's the only liquor store that I know that routinely gives out samples while you're shopping. I spotted this cheap wine on sale for $4.34 a bottle. And if you bought 2 bottles, you could send in for a $5 rebate. So that works out to be a little over $2 a bottle. Blush and white wine all pretty much taste the same to me so no use wasting a lot of money on good wine for me. (I have had the Two Buck Chuck wine before and thought it tasted good - but I don't have a Trader Joes nearby. The nearest Trader Joes is 50 miles away and they don't sell wine at that location).

Then yesterday I was at a little independent grocery store which is remodeling and I saw they had crates of miscellaneous beer and wine for $10 a crate. I am not really a beer drinker but the crate with Mike's Hard Lemonade in it caught my eye. So I bought it. Here's what I got for $10 plus tax

Also yesterday I went to the recycling center and spotted this cute empty Heineken mini-keg so I took it and delayed it's recycling for a while. Will have to think of some sort of crafty thing to do with it. If you have an idea what I should make with it, feel free to leave a suggestion.

Well gotta run, all of a sudden I am feeling thirsty.


Ladonnahar66 said...


A friend of mine bought a mini keg that was turned into a piggy bank, at a flea market. I havent seen it yet, but it sounded cute and great way to bank alot of coins.

I enjoy reading your blog..Ladonna

svelteSTUFF said...

PARTY at Chris'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...a little alcohol always makes for more interesting shopping/saling!!! ;)