Saturday, December 01, 2007

Yardsalequeen for President in 2008!

You know, I'm really not into politics at all.... but if you all wanted to start a grassroots write-in campaign to elect me, I wouldn't object. You know how they do an annual Easter Egg Hunt on the grounds of the White House? My agenda -if you elect me - would focus on holding weekly yardsales on the grounds of the White House. I would sell all that stuffy old furniture and replace with a bunch of cool Ikea stuff a lot more cheaply. The profits would go back to the great people of USA! Once I ran out of furniture to sell, I would open the grounds for table rental space.


ocdgirl2000 said...

You definitely would have my vote!

I'll bet you'd have a lot more votes than you think! ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL...... Cute post.