Saturday, December 15, 2007

My $1.50 Blue Faucet Light from the thrift store

At the thrift, I bought a faucet light for $1.50 I had never seen it before but the package was new and it looked like fun. I see it cost $16.95 plus shipping Faucet Light But I like that I only paid $1.50 for it at the thrift (no tax and no shipping).

But now, I want to go to Lowes and buy a new fancy faucet to replace my old builder's grade faucet that came with the house 17 years ago. So I bet my fancy cheap blue light is gonna end up costing me a lot more - haha. I made a Youtube video to show it in action.


Kimberly said...

That's kinda crazy... but pretty cool... Wonder if they have rainbow ones that change colors... :)

Chris said...

on the website they have one that is two-colored for hot and cold

frugalfrog said...

Is that so you can use the bathroom in the dark? Otherwise, what's the pint? I never heard of one before.

Chris said...

from the website: Fun and functional for a kid’s bathroom, it also adds a touch of class and entertainment to any powder room.

So the point is that it provides class and entertainment in my bathroom :) Of course I already had class and entertainmnet in my bathroom going on, but this adds MORE class and entertainment.