Thursday, October 11, 2007

The most crazy statement I heard last weekend at a yardsale.

I spotted a tiny Longaberger basket at a yardsale. The owner messed it up by trying to put a regular nail thru the back. I asked how much it was and her reply was "It's a little damaged, so I'm only asking $10 for it." Yeah right, only $10. I guess she didn't know I find nice, undamaged Longabergers for $1 at yardsales.


~Dawn C said...

Do you ever tell them that or make a comment about the price being high?
I never know what to do and just put the item down and walk away quietly.

Chris said...

Dawn - No I don't ever tell the seller that that I think their prices are ridiculous. I don't need to make them mad because I may see something I really want. I think some people do that as a pricing strategy - they ask the seller for the prices for about 2 things they don't want. Then they ask for the price of the item they really want - the buyer's strategy is thinking that the seller will want to make a sale - so by the third time, they may start relaxing their prices a little.

Usually tho when I hear the price of something too high - I just say "It's nice, but I'll think about it"

~Dawn C said...

ew, that's a good strategy - the '3rd time charmer' asking strategy. Thanks

Princess Trina said...

If someone tells me the price of something that is way to high I will carry the item around for a couple more minutes and if I don't really feel like paying that much or getting anything else I put the item back and say I changed my mind.

I don't want to be rude to them so I tell a little fib. It may not be the best way to do it, but it could work out well for the next person that comes and ask about the item.

Chris said...

When I went yardsaling today - I saw the same people were having the sale again. So I stopped and visited the Longabergers which they had marked. From last week to today, the price has increased! It was marked $15. LOL!

erinberry said...

$10 is insane! Has that woman ever been to a yard sale before?!

Just read your comment that the price went up to $15 - I think she's going to have that basket awhile :)