Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween Saturday

Yesterday was the first Saturday in a long time that I didn't go yardsailing. It rained all day on Friday and rain was forecasted for Saturday morning so I slept in.

In the afternoon Jacob and I went to the annual trick or treating at Annmarie Gardens. It was $1 per person and lots of businesses and community groups line the walkway giving out treats (and info to the parents about their business etc). Many businesses decorate their area with Halloween displays etc. Last year Jacob really liked the one business that had upside down kids planted in the ground (top picture was taken last year and the bottom pic I took yesterday during a lull in the crowd - the pathway gets very crowded with kids, adults, costumes and strollers.) And yes, that is the SAME fireman costume from last year.

In the past, there was a Girl Scout troop that would set up Fortune Telling Booths - they would accost people on the path and ask "Do you want your palm read?" and then they would take their victims to their booth where they would take a red ink pad and stamp your palm red. LOL!

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