Sunday, August 05, 2007

World's Longest Yardsale - Highway 127 yard sale - Garage Sale America

Alas, another year is over and once again I have missed the World's Longest Yardsale (it ends today) World's Longest Yardsale. A few people on the message board are at it and posting about their experience. There is always next year, August 7-10, 2008 to be exact. But geez, I am a little spoiled, I don't like to yardsale when it's a million degrees outside.

And plus, I sorta feel like I've already been to it without having to sweat or drive forever. I have my copy of Garage Sale America by Bruce Littlefield, and in it he details his adventure and treasures found during his roadtrip to this annual cultural event. There's also descriptions of some interesting people in the world of yardsales/garage sales. Like me on page 46 - hehe (end of shameless plug). Click the link above to read more about it. You can also see if your local library has it. You can check out Bruce's website at:
Garage Sale America

My pickin's from yesterday were pretty slim. Bought an already built, Build-a-Bear ($1. Don't worry, I don't have a house decorated with a zillion build a bears or plan on giving it to my son (as I've said before, he prefers Dora the Explorer anyway). It will be put on ebay eventually. .50 Chick-fil-a cow as Santa beanie, a sturdy Fireman's hat .25 (Jacob has been a fireman for Halloween and for the hat he usually just wears one of those flimsy freebie fireman's hats that firemen give away when they visit schools etc.. BUT they are too small for my kid's noggin. This one is sturdy AND its adult sized. $2 Purple Dragon thing that twirls and lights up. The seller said her son bought it at a Disney on Ice show for $16., $1 pair of brass bunnies, .50 bottle of Avon perfume in pretty bottle, $1 - red ball - that folds flat, so you can throw it like a frisbee then while its flying, it converts to a ball.

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If you're ever in Ottawa in the summer, check out the Great Glebe Garage Sale - It's huge and I think you'd love it :)

Ottawa Sales

Editor said...

Your blog is great! I've cobbled a blog together about garage sales but to be honest I could do with more experience! Check it out if you have a minute Garage Sale Pricing

My daughter is a BIG Dora the Explorer fan too. I was thinking of selling some of her "merchandise" off at next sale but I suspect I'd have a fight on my hands!

Do you resale items like the brass bunnies and toys at your own sales? Thanks for a great blog!


Ayush said...

I have been planning for a Garage Sale for some time now.
Have bought this guide by Eric Koshinsky providing Garage Sale Tips to have an effective sale.
Will post the dates here when finalised.

Anonymous said...

has anyone here ever been to the worlds longest yard sale?