Thursday, August 02, 2007

I won a $300 Sailing lesson (unfortunately it's not yardsailing...)

I don't think I mentioned this here on the blog (but I think I mentioned it on my message board). Earlier this summer we went to an Open House for a new sailing school that opened nearby. Not yardsailing, regular sailboat sailing. I won their giveaway of a 2 day sailing course for beginners, value of $300. Since the class is only on Saturday and Sunday, that would seriously put a cramp in my Saturday routine. I have to think about priorities, you know.

My husband was actually interested in taking one of their more advanced sailing class (cost $400) so I asked if I could put the prize value towards an advanced class for my husband. They agreed. Today I dropped off the paperwork and paid the additional $100, so now my husband is set for the class in a few weeks.

In today's mailbox, there was a surprise. A card I had sent to an elderly friend in California had been returned and marked "not at this address". It was a Christmas card from December 2006. (The woman had been put in a nursing home in the fall of 2006 and I didn't know about it). I wonder if the card took a world tour or something.

p.s. Yes I know *yardsailing* is not word that the average person uses or spells, but I think it's my mission on earth to get it added to the English dictionary; so the more times I use it, the more the world will see it and someday my mission will be accomplished. I like to think of it as sailing through people's yards, looking for treasures.

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