Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vacation to Horseshoe Bend Arkansas and surrounding area

Ok, I finally got my pics semi-organized from our trip to Arkansas. Above is my favorite pic that I took of the scenery. Unfortunately that spot was probably an hour drive away. Where we stayed the roads all looked like this:

The reason for the trip to Arkansas, was to visit my Father-in-law who now lives in Horseshoe Bend. Lots of retirees there. It was kind of like a throwback in time, no pay at the pump gas, no credit card payments right at the cash register at the one grocery store in town (the cashier would have to walk it to the store's office to swipe the card). No liquor stores (it was a dry county). Nearest McDonald's was about 20 miles away inside a SuperWalmart. There was a nice golf course in town so my FIL and husband got lots of golfing in.

The first day of our vacation we drove to Knoxville and stayed at a nice Holiday Inn near the highway. There was a flea market down the road so I was able to shop there a little the next day. From the man wearing the mankini top, I bought this super tacky religious dangling decorative CD to put on a rear view mirror. I overpaid $2 for it, I figure it will be good for a laugh when I give it to my mom for Christmas.

We then drove to Nashville and stayed overnight at my cousin's gorgeous house in Brentwood. I also drove by my aunt and uncle's old house in Nashville just to see it from the outside - when I was a teen I spent a few summers in Nashville and even worked one summer at Opryland.

Then we drove onto Horseshoe Bend, AR. The town is in the middle of nowhere. As fortune would have it, there was a place in town that had free Wifi. Thank God! We had our laptop with us so I was able to log in to check email etc.

Because there are no real hotels in the area, we ended up renting a house on a lake. The house turned out to be pretty nice, considering I didn't know what to expect. One day I went to a town about 40 miles away - Hardy, AR. An old quaint town full of antique stores. I didn't buy much stuff there, but I did find two thrifts on the way there. I bought a Saladmaster food grinder for $5. I know Saladmaster is a name to look for at thrifts so I thought I would take a chance. It will go up on ebay eventually. There weren't many yardsales going on but I did make it to two. Bought a tablecloth with zodiac symbols on it for $1 and some old Flicker razors for .30 each. I haven't seen a Flicker razor in a long time so I figure I'd buy them for "investment purposes" - haha.

One day we drove to Mountain View, Arkansas. Which I guess is known for hillbilly music, all kinds of hoedowns and jamborees advertised in the area. That's where I bought my Nose Flute or as the cashier said a "Snoot Floot". I am kicking myself that I only bought one.

In Mountain View, we got a bargain .25 car wash. Then we drove back thru a pretty small town called Calico Rock (where I took the pic at the top of this blog). We stopped at a combination shoe store and lunch counter. Bought some food but no shoes.

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