Friday, July 06, 2007

BJ's Warehouse

My BJ's membership expired on 6/30. A little while ago there was a coupon for a free 60 day membership for new members. The coupon expired 7/7. So on the 4th of July I went to BJ's and stood behind a woman renewing her membership. I could tell she was renewing since she was already holding a membership card and the employee told her it would be $45 (the regular price of a yearly membership). Her membership probably expired on 6/30 too.

Well after she finished, it was my turn and I just handed over the coupon and said I wanted the free 60 day membership and showed my driver's license - which she keyed into the computer. She took my pic and handed me my new card (oh I need to scan it, it's ridiculous). She then mentioned they were running a special - get a 15 month membership for only $35. So I said I would think about it.

Meanwhile, don't forget, the customer ahead of me renewed for $45 for 12 months. Crazy, that's why it doesn't pay to renew. Wait for things to expire and then companies will try to win you back (well most times anyway).

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