Saturday, June 02, 2007

yardsales buys Saturday 6/2

I had to take Jacob with me today so I didn't get to shop as thoroughly as I do when I am alone. He does like the $2 Flokati Walmart faux fur rug. It still had the tag on it so I know it's machine washable.

At the last yardsale I stopped at (right down the street), I got this huge roll of foam carpet padding for $5. It's cheap quality but I don't plan on using it for new carpets. I'm going to cut it up into squares to use as package filler for when I sell breakable stuff on eBay. I better start selling some stuff and quick.

Also bought:
$3 box of new greeting cards
.25 splash guard thingy for showers (Jacob is always pulling on the shower curtain so he may like this)
.10 Doggy do-do bags. I may attach the package to a street sign, I have this neighbor who always walks his 3 dogs right past my house and lingers and lingers until his dogs crap....then goes right back home.
$2 Canon Canonet camera (note on it said it needs work). I bought it anyways since I have this exact camera and I know people still like this particular model.I may take to a camera store and see what they say or put it on ebay as is.
.25 - package of bamboo skewers
$1.50 ugly green and pink fake Crocs for me - new - of course they've never been worn - they're so ugly! But gotta say, even being fakes, they are comfortable.
$1.50 black pair of SAS shoes for resale (that is just flash at the toes, not major wear)
.25 As Seen on TV purse light - for a quarter, I had to buy it
.50 new roll of blue painting tape
.10 Gurley pilgrim candle (I wish there were more of these but oh well)
$2 - white flokati rug (may work good as background for ebay displays)


Anonymous said...

First off, I love reading your blog!

Second, I was just wondering when you were going to post about your online coupon source. I was really interested in that!

Goobian said...

I saw this and thought of you

"Jesus saves. He uses double coupons."
LOL if you ever make a merchandise page you should remember that for ideas. And why don't you do that? is a good site for that. I wouldn't mind having a t-shirt or a sweatshirt hoodie with the logo on it. Even though I don't think it would be smart to wear it while yardsaling you would let everyone in on your secret and they would assume your a reseller. Nice thought though and I hope I made you smile with the quote :)