Friday, June 08, 2007

Filing Cabinet makeover

Shopping for junk is my passion, but another passion of mine is finding storage (the two are sorta related....) Anyhow at the other day at VV, I walk in the door and see this off-white two drawer filing cabinet, without a price tag. I ask one of the cashiers, who happened to be walking by and she tells me $4. I go up to the cash register to pay and tell the other cashier it was $4. Then the two cashiers who were at the registers grumble and grumble to each other and make comments like "that should have been $ and so doesn't know how to price things". Sheesh. I did get it for $4. I had to bite my lip, I wanted to "Well if you were so concerned about underpricing items, why do you sell shoes for .50 a pair when I can turn around and get $100 for them on ebay?" Remember those red ugly Dansko clogs I bought a few months ago...they sold for over $100.

The tan filing cabinet is replacing a junky particle board tiny filing cabinet that I think we bought new, circa 1989. (I didn't really get into yardsaling until about 1990 so I would never buy a junky particle board filing cabinet now knowing what I know about buying used). I donated it yesterday to Smile. It was so small, it was frustrating to use as a filing cabinet since the drawer barely opened up far enough.

Thanks to all who voted for Dawn (my previous blog posting). She won!

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