Friday, March 02, 2007

Two years ago

It was two years ago that I was standing in line at Vintage Value when I got the call that my Dad had died. He had been in and out of the hospital many times in the previous 6 months and had ups and downs. Several times when I thought "this could be it" he would rebound and be able to go back home. But this time was a little different and that very day Jeff was going to check with work to see if he could get flexible hours so he'd able to put Jacob on and off the school bus for a few days so I could fly to New York for a visit. This time of year at the nuke plant is very intense due to the maintenance "outage" and time off is normally not granted. As it turned out the got time off but not how we wanted it to be, since they have to grand time off due to death in family.

The outage is going on now so that means Jeff is working a lot of hours. I'll have to take Jacob with me to an indoor yardsale on Saturday.

p.s. And no, that's not the pic that was on my Dad's funeral home trading card. The poem was, but I changed the pic to one I took. Funeral Home trading cards is probably not the right term for those little prayer cards but it's the name I gave them.


Otter Mom said...

I love the picture of your dad, it's such a happy picture. Hugs to you.

Nicole said...

Just wanted to send you a (((HUG)))!!

I 2nd what Ottermom said, it is a great picture!


yorlor said...

funeral home trading cards is perfectly approipriate, but then again, i'm as unorthodox as it gets. i was the lesbian methodist reading the intercessions at my catholic grandfather's funeral where the priest put my twin in howling tears for announcing that non-catholics were not welcome to take communion at the funeral of the man who fed everybody. didn't matter who or what you were, if you were there, you ate.
there were four different cards for my grandpa. i have three of them.
you go, honey.