Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Maybe I can convince my husband to try a new beef jerky???

As I mentioned below I said that Food Lion was having the Purina Carvers on sale this week for $2 each. And I had quite a few $2 coupons. Here is my stash. Good thing my dog likes them. Now if only I could convince my husband its a new type of jerky. I did have to pay sales tax (.10 per package).

In a future post, I'll post about some couponing sources online where I sometimes get coupons. The thing with stockpiling is that you have to look at the expiration dates on things and use up the ones that expire first. I have a few months before any of them start expiring. (But really, do you think I'm going to throw out expired dog treats for a dog that sometimes rolls around in poop?)

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Anonymous said...

Chris: My dogs loved this but one of them (the pig) threw it up later and I realized that he had swallowed it in two bites! So watch yours. I only had one coupon so I am sad. Libby (Pennypincher).