Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yardsale Bargains from Saturday

I had a good morning yardsaling yesterday and then after I went to Smile thrift (boy have I been missing that place since it's been a whole two weeks since I've been able to go), JC Penney's for their clearance sale and then did some grocery shopping. I left the house at 7:30am and didn't get home 'til about 1pm. It was nice to have some "me" time.

My yardsale buys:

.10 each - 26 CDs, various artists. This is twice this summer that I found a seller who was selling CDs for only .10 each. I sold a lot for $1 at my mom's garagesale the other week. I bought more than half of what they had - left the ones where the CD was missing (I pulled the case for them, was heavily scratched, was a totally obscure artist).

$5 new in package Grampa's Weeder garden week pulling tool. Their website is Original price sticker says it was $19.99

$3 Dora sleeping bag (keep)
$2 pretty glass candy bowl (pic below)
$1 Green Glass (I think it's Vaseline glass or depression glass) canning jar with ceramic lid
$1 three compartment foldable laundry bin that pops up
.25 (for both) two Leap Frog small toys
$1 package of Burt's Bee sampler items
FREE - new in package inflatable snow tube
FREE - Boyd's Bear small pillow
$2 pair of Cabela's pants for me
$2 Tony Stewart Woman's blouse (resale)
.50 1994 Patrick Ewing Starting Lineup action figure in package

At JC Penney's I got Jacob two t-shirts on clearance for $1.97 and two Plug N Play 7 in 1 casino game thing for tv, Orginally $30 on clearance for $5.97. My husband's birthday is coming up and the other one I'll give to my casino-loving mom. But chances are I'll show her how to use on Christmas day, but then it will be too "electronically difficult" for her to do it on her own - even though there are probably two steps to do it. She has a simple VCR and we've written down instructions for her, but she rarely uses it since it's too confusing for her.

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