Friday, July 07, 2006

Kohl's shopping bargains

I forgot to mention, I did do some "real" store shopping last week. I love the Kohl's near my mom's house. Last Friday they had late night hours till 11pm so I was able to do some shopping after I put my son to bed (my mom was still home so it wasn't like I left my son unattended). There is a Kohl's near the mall here in Maryland (the mall is 45 miles away so I don't go there very often). But still for some reason I don't like that Kohl's as much as the one near my mom. I've figured out why - the one that I like has high ceilings and everything is on one floor so it's easy to navigate. The one "near" me is two stories and has regular height ceilings. Plus when I go to the one near my mom, my husband isn't tagging along and rushing me.

Last week I spent about $25 at Kohl's and got: $7 Go Diego Go shirt (orig. $14) for Jacob, $1.99 each (orig. $4.99 ea) two nice dishtowels with embroidered lobsters on them, $7.50 double sided birdfeeder (orig. $29.99) and a patriotic bunting $5.99 (orig. $12) I did try on some clothes for me but since I only had about an hour to shop before it closed I didn't have time to really shop for clothes and still look at everything else.

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