Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Results of my pink shoes experiment

A few months ago I mentioned here that I couldn't resist buying a pair of pink suede shoes for .50 - for my son. They looked just like a similar beige pair that he likes and wears often. They are definitely not pink anymore. I put both liquid shoe polish and waxy shoe polish on them so now they are a one of a kind creation.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you could have thrown them in the washing machine with some black RIT dye to get the same effect? - Haystack

Chris said...

But then I would have had to buy the Rit dye and I'm too cheap!

Etandad said...

I did this, too.... only I found some beige and green shoes for my son with a tiny pink pinstripe running through them.. I simply took a black Sharpie and colored in the pink stripe! Voila! Boys shoes! When they got wet, a little bit of the black faded, but nothing too horrible to where you'd notice the pink! They don't call me "Frugal Whore" for nothin'!! ~Etandad