Saturday, June 03, 2006

free garage sale classified ads

Since it rained this morning, I had some "extra" time today so I finally got around to making a place on my message board for people to post free ads for yardsales and garagesales. Personally, I have no idea how successful it will be but I know in the past people have advertised their yardsales on my message board. So now there's a specific place for yardsale ads. The link to my message board is over there on the left.

We had a pretty big storm last night so I think that scared a lot of people into not having a sale today. Only found 2 yardsales in my area, which typically I would find a dozen or so. Where I live a lot of people don't place an ad in the newspaper, they just put up signs around their neighborhood in strategic spots. Didn't buy anything exciting today.

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ceri said...

hey im having a garage sale on the 16th and 23rd of feb starts 8am at 23 woodlands avenue in hamworthy poole dorset..bh15 4ee.all cheap and good quality things best to come on the 16th to get all the best stuff. hope you all come x