Saturday, January 19, 2013

Decluttering books

So DH's book collection was getting out of control so I did something that kinda turned into a pain in the ass for me. I saw a nice bookcase ($25) on Craiglist so I went and bought it for him so he would have room to expand his collection.

So as he is going thru our bookshelves, he starts weeding out all sorts of cool books of MINE - and decides we don't need them anymore. I don't think so. If he thinks I am getting rid of my "How to Pick Up Men!" book (copyright 1972) he is crazy. If anyone ever asks me for picking up men advice I will need to have a resource handy since I am pretty rusty.

For example I'll give you a tip from the book (page 58). To get a conversation going, go up to a man and ask him the size of his chest. Explain that you are knitting a sweater for your brother.

You're welcome.


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wil said...

I actually saw that @ a christian thrift-store once, while i was pawing thru a shelf looking for some Hardy Boys books in the KIDS section.