Monday, October 15, 2012

My Storage Wars friends - what I did on summer vacation - Part 2

During my trip to Los Angeles back in the summer, I hung out with some new friends and had some cocktails.   If you watch Storage Wars, you know who they are.  We also stopped in and gave Jarrod from the Now and Then Secondhand Store and Storage Wars the thrill of meeting me.  You can just see the excitement on his face. 

On the day when I met up with my new friends, I had had a very busy day and unfortunately given my hair and make-up team the day off, so I had to go as-is.

Ok, you know I think getting autographs is silly, but I knew it would be something my mom would like.   Therefore I was able to get a free Christmas gift for her (because I'm generous that way). My 80 year old mom loves Storage Wars (and Pawn Stars)

Laura Dotson and Nabila Haniss (and of course the guys too - even Dave Hester) were awesome.

Yes, that car parked outside the Now and Then Thrift store really did have a ad on the back (that is my MIL's car and I brought one of my magnetic signs with me to California)

Jacob spotted an empty chair at the Now and Then Thrift Store, so his butt had to fill it.

Next up on my blog agenda, my trip to the World's Largest Garage Sale - (not to be confused with the World's Longest Yard Sale).

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