Tuesday, August 07, 2012

First for Women magazine - yard sale success

Hey, if you find yourself standing in a long line of the grocery store, browse thru the current issue of First for Women for another piece of yardsale literature on page 90. They used me as one of the experts for the article, and they gave me credit for things I know I didn't say. And there's stuff in the article (from other expert) that I don't agree with. Selling used men's blue jeasn??? NOT a good seller.

We have a lot of catching up to do, don't we? I know you are patiently waiting for our California / Las Vegas vacation pics that we took in June. And after that I can show my pics of our recent trip to Delaware and Williamsburg, VA.

School starts two weeks from today! Hooray!!!!

And a bit of sad news to report. Get your kleenex handy. Walgreen's will be going to a loyalty shopper card sometime in September. No more Register Rewards.

Sorry, I gotta run, I am getting all ferklempt.

ps. That is not me on the cover of First for Women. I can see how it can easily be mistaken, but I am a brunette.

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