Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dos and Don'ts for Throwing a Successful Garage Sale or Yard Sale

The subject of whether to price things or not price things at a yardsale was recently a popular topic on my message board so I thought I would just publicly state my sage advice on pricing and some other Do's and Don'ts.


Price things. People want to know what things cost without having to ask. Buyers like seeing prices. As a seller, it's a waste of time to have people constantly asking you prices on every little thing. And then there are the people who can't be bothered in asking prices, so they won't and they will leave empty handed. You can put group prices on things that you have a lot of. A sign that says "cd's $1, hardcover books $1, paperbacks .50" and so on.

Visit yardsalequeen.com for tons of info on things you should do and don't do when you throw a garage sale.


Don't price your suede leather coat by writing on it with a permanent marker like this:

Don't leave your old yardsale signs up littering up the 'hood after the sale. Take your signs down, otherwise the yard sale gods will send you some bad karma.

Don't say your sale is "huge and multi-family" when it's just you and your mom sitting out in your yard in front of a card table of dollar store items.

Don't just start leisurely pulling boxes of stuff up from your basement at 8:05am, when your sale should have been all organized and ready to go at 8am.


Liz Thackeray said...

This post is great. You gave some key tips--especially the suede jacket tip. Tragedy. I'm a big yardsaler too. I don't know if you've heard of the site http://www.yardsalesearch.com, but it's a cool site to look up local yardsales. It lets you map them out on a google map so you can plan a route. It even lets you advertise your own sale for free :) Just wanted to spread some more yardsale love!

Chris the Yardsale Queen said...

yes, I have yardsalesearch on my links page. http://www.yardsalequeen.com/yardsalelinks.htm

Dianne Grover said...

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