Sunday, June 03, 2012

Easy way to haggle (for those who hate haggling) and Bret Michaels tease

There weren't many yardsales in my area yesterday so instead I went to the county fairgrounds - which turns into a Saturday-only flea market. My fav find of the day was the above lighter (for .75). That's another great thing about yardsales, you see stuff you never knew existed. The flame comes out of the tip of the middle finger. I could tell you what the inscription on the ring says, but I like to keep this blog family friendly ;)

Anyhow as I was walking around browsing the various vendors, twice I had a seller lower the price on something, without me saying a word. I would pick something up that I wanted - asked the price - and then after hearing the price I set it back down. Two different sellers were quick to offer a lower price than the price they just told me. I'm going to start doing that at every yardsale (where stuff doesn't have a price already marked) and see how I do. Of course I wouldn't do that when another customer is nearby hovering - just waiting for me to set something back down - but it may be something to try at uncrowded yardsales.

In case you didn't recognize me with Bret Michaels in my previous post, here's a pic that will make it easy for you to spot me amongst the commoners.

I will post some more pics of Bret, but until then, here's just a few (stay tuned for more)


EM said...

I so totally love that lighter like you would no believe! I bought a little pointer thing last week. It's just a stick with an index finger pointing on the end of it. Now I really want one that's flipping the bird!

Chris the Yardsale Queen said...

EM - they have similar lighters on ebay - just search for "middle finger lighter"