Sunday, April 22, 2012

My cheap & awesome Bose Wave Radio

Yesterday's yardsale shopping will go down in yardsaling history - it's a story my future grandchildren will be telling to their grandchildren. For decades now, whenever I've been asked what is the one thing I want to find while yardsaling, I've only had one answer. A Bose Wave Radio (for $20 or less). Well yesterday was the day I scratched it off my Yardsale Bucket List. I found (and bought) a Bose Wave Radio for $5.

Yes, the color is the ultra rare Nicotine Yellow version - but it's Bose and it sounds awesome.

Such a strange combination of circumstances yesterday - and it all fit together perfectly. Halleluiah - my prayers to the yardsale gods have been answered.

On Friday night, I was lamenting the fact that even though the weather was going to be perfect on Saturday, there were NO advertised church yardsales or any yardsales in my town for the next day. And DH was borrowing my car so I would have to drive his truck and bring Jacob yardsaling with me. I figured - of course - I could spot some unadvertised yardsales so I drove my usual route. And I spotted none. Zip, zilch, nada.

So I made the decision to go to the fairgrounds (about 15 miles away) where it turns into a flea market on Saturdays. Many of the sellers are dealers so they don't have any bargains, but regular people wanting to have a yardsale also sell. That's where I found the Bose Wave Radio. It was meant to be since I wasn't even particularly early - the sellers/dealers set up at the crack of dawn (or earlier) and then they all the pick thru each other's stuff before actual customers show up. Had there been any yardsales in my town for me to go to, I would not have gone to the fairgrounds.

I also bought some other stuff, including this vintage Pearl-Wise toy chest for $1.

Now to create a new yardsale bucket list, since you know there has to be other things for me to find.


admin said...

Very cool vintage radio find! Looks to be in good shape as well! Your prayers have been answered!

Laura P said...

That radio might clean up well (and easily) with a gentle cleaning from a Mr. Clean magic eraser. said...

is this vintage? lol said...

i miss my Bose

Stan Reese said...

I have found that yardsales can be a great way to catch-up on family time with the kids...and teach them family values. Let me know what you think about my idea, please.
Stan Reese
author of "Relax Dad, It's Just the Litchen"