Saturday, February 18, 2012

As usual, living high on the hog

I am still having some issues with my computer and camera - so no recent pictures to show. I should just throw this computer out (after removing all my photos) and buy a new computer and new camera. Since according to a recent article we all live high on the hog here in Calvert County, Maryland (ranked #13 on the richest counties in America list). Well duh, how else do they expect yardsale royalty to live??? My castle is similar to the one pictured in the article but larger, of course. In reference to living "high on the hog", I think that means most people here butcher their own pigs. People look forward to the annual Calvert County fair like it's the best thing since a church yardsale. Life is so much better since the neighbor with the damn rooster moved away.

Well since I have no new photos to share, I will go into my archives and find a previously unpublished photo. I took this is December 2011 at a new thrift store that opened last year. As you can read, eveything on the table is .10 to .75.


pocketchange said...

The phrase 'living high on the hog' does mean affluent and luxurious; it comes from the fact that the best cuts of meat on a pig come from the back and upper leg and that the wealthy ate cuts from 'high on the hog', while the paupers ate belly pork and other less tasty/expensive cuts of pork.

Chris the Yardsale Queen said...

yes I know PC - that's what the rest of the world thinks it means. But you know here in CC, it means we butcher our own pigs ;)