Thursday, December 01, 2011

First Yardsale of 2011

I have one day to pull a yardsale together. I signed up to sell at an indoor yardsale this Saturday, December 3. My first and last one for the year. So tomorrow I will just walk around the castle sticking price stickers on stuff and throwing it in my car. You know, for being a yardsale queen, I really should be better prepared.

I haven't blogged much lately so this post will be a mishmash of things to catch up on what's been happening lately.

Been doing lots of shopping lately, including some online deals and even (gasp) retail. But my retail shopping is pretty tame. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I hit CVS and Walgreens for their freebie deals with Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards. I am part of the Occupy Walgreens and Occupy CVS movement.

Here's one of my CVS receipts. The majority of that receipt is the free Extra Care Bucks. I know it looks impressive, but in reality, it really should have been twice as long. I split my shopping cart into two orders. After I bought my first half of stuff - I had a receipt this long, but I tore off all the Extra Care Bucks to pay for this second order.

My Black Friday Kohl's trip was worse than I could have ever imagined. The checkout lane was ginormous - and took hours to check-out. I went because I had the free $10 to spend between midnight and 4am and additional 15% off and got the Kohls register rewards (or whatever they are called). But totally not worth it. I should have known better.

The checkout line went on and on and on and on...

Speaking of Kohl's, here is their $39.99 fragile glass hourglass (on sale for $19.99) - notice the debris from broken hourglasses. My $2 hourglass from a yardsale a few weeks ago puts these to shame.

One of my "buys" from Walgreens. Is it still considered buying if they pay you $4 to take it out of the store? In the mail, I got a free coupon for a free Shick Hydro razor (I have no idea why they sent me the coupon and don't remember signing up for anything) - so the cashier deducted the cost of it $8.99 - and then a $4 Register Reward printed. So I "made" $4 on that deal and got a free razor.

And I've been doing some Christmas Bazaar shopping. I went to one church bazaar the other Saturday that had a large "grannie's treasures" room. I bought a single endtable for $8 (plus I bought other junk). Remember, God loves a cheerful giver! I liked the mid-century modern look of this endtable.

The thrift stores are all decorated for Christmas. One of my thrifts has really gotten out of control in their pricing. No way would I ever pay $8 for used shoes. Or $8 for a prison ornament. Do people decorate their Christmas trees with prison ornaments to remind them of their relatives? Like do they say "I want a Lompac ornament because that's where Uncle Joey lives"??? Or maybe there is a group of collectors similar to those hardcore Hallmark ornament collectors but instead they collect penitentiary ornaments.

My son Jacob is very interested in all things relating to weather - so when I heard that his favorite weatherman - oops I mean favorite Chief Meteorologist - was going to give a talk at the library - I got him out of school early so we could go. Those of you who are in the DC/MD/VA area, you gotta know who I am talking about - weather superstar Doug Hill.

I printed out one of his head-shots and got him to autograph it for Jacob.


ZDub said...

That receipt is insane! Well played.

Also, I love that you made money on the razor, love it.

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Nice write up dude! I like your writing style. Also nice pictures shared.
Keep posting.

Mary Bennett said...

Congratulations on your your Excel finds. How come I never got a free razor offer? Oh well. I didn't know they even made prison Christmas ornaments.


Mary Bennett