Friday, May 26, 2006

End of school year coming up

The end of school year is coming up so I've been busy trying to run of bunch of errands now rather than having to do them with my 6 year old. Things like oil changes, hair cut and of course thrift shop. My son is not a good shopper, so I definitely scale back my thrift shopping in the summer.

The above pic is of one of my recent favorite yardsale buys. The basket on the bottom is my "new" vintage basket, paid $5 for it. The basket on the top is the one I bought a few months ago and blogged about. Made by a company called Redman in Peru, Indiana.

Yea for Taylor Hicks. I liked Katherine McPhee too, and also Elliot Yamin but I'm glad that Taylor won. It would have been neat if Elliot won since he really did not have any singing experience other than karaoke (unlike Katherine and Taylor). I am a big reality tv show junkie. So after the Apprentice ends in 2 weeks, there will be a lull until some new ones start up like Big Brother.


Janet said...

The baskets are beautiful! And I'm surprised that you don't do much thrifting/yard sales in the summer. Usually the best time! But I understand about having to take the 6 yr old along....they don't like it as much as we adults!

Chris said...

Of course I yardsale all summer long! On Saturdays my husband stays home with our son so I can go out alone. Its just the thrifts that I don't get to very often in the summer.

MARYBETH said...

My NEw Barter Blog opens this Saturday. I invite you to come by and see if there isnt something you cant live without. Id love to swap for one of these terrific picnic baskets!

=) MB