Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just got back from Wisconsin

We took a roadtrip to Wisconsin to attend a niece's wedding. Will write more later. Oh and of course I went yardsailing in Wisconsin on Saturday and bought a few things. And of course I took lots of pics.

Geez, what the &*$%@#! is going on with all the stupid spam comments??? (see the below post with the 12 spam comments). I changed the settings on the blog, so from now on, if someone wishes to leave a message, you have to manually type in a code first. A real pain but maybe that will help with the stupid spam comments.


Yard Sale Addict said...

Your new blog uses the same colors and design as mine!? And they're both on Yard Sales. Maybe the design appeals to people who spend too much time looking at other folks clutter.

Anonymous said...

well one person wasn't a spamer

-yard sale princesse